Abundant Life Pathways is excited to announce our first workshop series!

The Abundant Life: Lifestyle Training!!!

You can experience the Presence of God, when you make time to get alone and focus upon Him through Praise, Worship and Prayer (if you can only quiet your mind, focus your thoughts and open your heart). Did you know that it is also possible, even the will of God, that you abide in the Ecstasy of this experience throughout each day. So very few people know how to do this effectively and their daily habits, practices and even “medical care” further trouble this effort. Such Communion with God is the Highest Goal of Authentic Christianity, but it cannot be attained by routine religious spectatorship. “The Pearl of Greatest Price” is worth selling all you have to attain and if you’ve ever tasted it, you know its worth living alone in the wilderness, only eating locusts and wild honey, if necessary to abide in it. While such an extreme lifestyle may not be necessary, nor most fruitful, there are much, much more effective strategies for Health and Happiness than modern Society is currently Practicing. New Training opportunities and learning resources coming soon. Please be patient with us as we create a whole new platform for your future healing and development.


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