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Healing Mooresville and beyond since 2002

With Acupuncture

We Successfully Treat

Neck & back pain
Shoulder, knee & foot pain
Headaches & migraines
Menstrual & menopause issues
Sports Injury
Carpal Tunnel
Fibromyalgia and chronic pain
Drug, alcohol & opioid addiction
Our Mission is to impart a lifestyle that heals and transforms lives using powerful services and strategies. Without drugs or invasive procedures, our therapies promote self-healing and greater resistance to illness. Abundant Life Pathways also teaches a way of living that fosters a state of being which sees no impossibilities and leaps to new opportunities…
Dr. Todd was recommended to me by my Christian friend Thresa when I was suffering from excruciating lower disc and sciatic nerve pain.  I came to him after three months of many different treatments; nothing could break through the pain and bring down the inflammation.  With his acupuncture treatments and a wonderful herbal formula for reducing inflammation and building tissue in my vertebrae, the pain in my back and sciatic nerve completely disappeared. When the pain later returned, an MRI scan had shown a cyst on a lower disc which was the culprit causing the pain and numbness down my left leg so severe I was unable to walk; Dr. Todd prayed for me and laid hands on my back in the location of the cyst to completely dissolve it so it will never be opened again.  A following MRI confirmed the cyst is gone! I can’t encourage everyone enough to consider trying acupuncture if you’ve never experienced it.  I highly recommend Dr. Todd to them, as well as to others who know the benefits of this natural therapy. Thank you, Dr Todd!
Charlotte, NC
"Dear Todd, I would like to thank you for the great treatment of my heel. I came to you two months ago because I could barely walk on my Left foot. I broke my ankle playing softball June 2001 and after the ankle healed, I could put very little pressure on my heel when walking and had to wear gel packs in my shoes. I remember how amazed I was after our first treatment when I walked out pain free – bare foot! After three Acupuncture Treatments I now have no more problem with my foot or ankle. Thank you for the great treatment and the way you explained what you were going to do."
Tim Robison
Sales Manager, Carry The Call Communications
"My name is Thresa and I am 51 years old and had: High Blood Pressure (150 / 90), High Cholesterol, pressure on my bladder, hot flashes, joint pain and no energy. I also thought I had arthritis. I had been taking a blood pressure pill, plus I had lost several pounds but the symptoms of the above problems did not get any better. The pills, diets and doctors did not improve my conditions. After praying, I believed that I should do something Natural because my mother was a Naturalist. Then I met Todd Zevotek at church. He said he could help so I tried Acupuncture and Chinese medicine. After one treatment and one week of his chinese herbal formula, I no longer had any of the illnesses mentioned above. I now only go for a follow up visit if I need one."
"My name is Linda and I came to church one recent Sunday with a torn Rotator cuff. It was very painful and I couldn’t even lift my arm up to touch my head because it was locked up. I went to the altar for prayer and Todd Zevotek laid his hand upon my shoulder and the pain left immediately. I then received full movement as I was walking back to my seat!"
"From my adolescent years I was aware that infertility would be an obstacle in my life. With the diagnosis of a hereditary fertility related disease at age seventeen, doctors concluded that my body was not able to ovulate on its own. Ten years later and three years into my marriage, my gynecologist suggested that my husband and I seek medical intervention for any possible chance of conceiving a child. At the time of this recommendation, my husband and I were blessed with being part of a small prayer group led by Todd Zevotek. Todd laid hands on me and prayed to the Lord for healing of my body. I experienced a tingling through my body and was certain that I had been healed. Within two months my husband and I received the most incredible news of our lives…We were pregnant! Now six years and three children later we continue to Praise the Lord and thank Him for Healing through Todd Zevotek."
Windsor, NY

Frequently Asked Questions

Acupuncture therapy is widely accepted because of the fact that it has no serious side effects.
Completely. Needles are made of stainless steel; they are pre-sterilized and disposed of after each session. We use a needle that is cut by a laser that leaves a polished surface for more comfortable insertion, and because we are not inserting anything through these needles, they are not hollow but thin like a cat’s whisker.
Most patients describe a dull, slightly aching sensation when the needle is inserted. Minutes later, most patients get so relaxed they fall asleep.
Everyone’s needs are different, but most patients experience pain relief in the first few seconds – Pain is typically gone in 1-2 Treatments, and most conditions may require 3-5 Treatments to support the body, as you are healing. Older Patients and Chronic, longstanding illness may require more treatments or support from Herbal Medicine we prescribe. Children and athletes typically respond more rapidly.

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Offering holistic health care and spiritual guidance based on Oriental medicine and Christian faith based in Mooresville, North Carolina.

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